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Universal FPV Pod

$ 19.99

This is the individual FPV Pod kit that comes on the micro frame series.  Does not come with a frame.  13grams!


This FPV pod will bolt onto any 30.5mm x 30.5mm M3 stack.  This is the standard size for common flight controllers and power distribution boards these days, and the pod mounts on top of the electronics 'stack'.  What this leaves you with is an incredibly compact FPV setup, with everything but your esc's and motors sitting in one central stack in the middle of your quad.  This opens the door for pure-x / square frames that have optimal flight characteristics.  Reason is, you no longer have to worry about room in the front for your camera.  Now, the camera sits nicely in the same footprint as your flight controller.  The FPV Pod weighs 13g

Any existing multirotor frame can now become an FPV frame.  Not only this, but you are left with a very aerodynamic top pod type FPV frame (becoming very popular these days) that offers low drag flying characteristics and top performance when flying forwards and tilted at any angle.

The Pod is 26mm spaced on the inside, to fit an hs1177 style fpv camera (Sony mini super had ii CCD camera) and allows it tilt up to 50 degrees. all while being fully protected against crashes and props, in its own cage.

There are 3 mounting options for your vtx antenna,

1) direct mount antenna to vTx through top SMA connector hole

2) pigtail mount antenna to vTx through side SMA connector hole (this leaves the antenna lower down and less exposed)

3) direct mount antenna to vTx and use slotted bumper on other side as protection.

The Pod uses 4 M3 button head screws to bolt down to the electronics stack, (these are included in the kit).  It also uses 6 M3 button head screws and 3 26mm M3 standoffs to hold the cage together (all included in the kit).


 !!!!Also, please note that in order to keep the pod as small as possible, the gap for the camera is 26mm wide (HS1177 case width).  However, the hs1177 has two small 1mm tabs on each side next the mounting nubs.  These 1mm plastic tabs must be filed flush to the 26mm case in order to properly fit inside the 26mm gap of the pod cage.  20 seconds to do, soft plastic.  Use file or sharp X-acto knife for this.

 Check out the RCGroups thread for more build logs and info : http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2540072

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