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Smoosh Roosh 5mm

$ 70.00

Ever since the first Hive 210 prototype was manufactured over 2 years ago, it was obvious that the lowered top battery setup had superior flying characteristics.  By taking advantage of the enhanced vertical center of gravity, the quadcopter handles and tunes like no other.  The Smoosh takes the already proven Roosh frame and slams it down for a top mounted battery & GoPro setup perfect for racing and freestyle.  20mm standoffs, paired with 5mm arms sandwiched above the bottom plate make for an incredibly low mounted battery in relation to the prop line.  You may have seen other slammed builds with super exposed FPV cameras, not the Smoosh Roosh.  The front camera cage has been redesigned to fit the FPV camera under the 20mm standoffs, and is the strongest to date with horizontally and vertically interlocking 2mm side plates.  Hammer tests! https://www.instagram.com/p/BTCcJC-hW-E/?taken-by=florotors

- 22xx motor mounting on X or L extended style arm configuration spinning 5in props.  (Long in Pitch)

- 30.5mm & 20mm Flight Controller mounting options

- 95.4g (5mm X5) / 98.6g (5mm 5L) Frame weights including stainless steel hardware & aluminum standoffs

- FC stack isolated from stress

- Replaceable 10mm wide arms lock sides for strength in every direction once assembled (5mm 3K CF) for minimal drag and prop wash - increased agility, responsiveness, and speed while retaining robustness/strength in arm design.  NOTE: if 5mm is sold out, 4mm arms can be sent out instead, with an extra arm as price compensation, or a slight discount.  Please mention in notes, or contact directly for assistance.

- Designed and analyzed for minimal to no stress risers

- 2mm thick side plates, with horizontal and vertical locking to top and bottom plates for ultimate FPV camera protection.  Full carbon fiber cage protection with backup from standoff placement to save your components!

- Designed to tilt HS1177, Runcam, and Foxeer cameras up to 70degrees without any hardware needed.  Some camera cases may need minimal shaving/filing of custom manufacturers tabs, the cage is designed specifically to try and accommodate as many different FPV cameras on the market.

- Top battery and GoPro mounting with multiple strap slots with easy access

- Motor protection in all the right places while maintaining minimalist design

- Numerous slots and holes for vTx and Antenna mounting options


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