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Hornet 230 - 4in FPV Hexcopter

$ 74.99

This particular model is cut to order - please contact us for ordering


The Mini FPV Hexacopter is a 230mm size racing hex frame designed for full fpv gear and flight cam.  This lightweight yet incredibly durable frame is designed for 18xx motors and 13xx motors spinning 4 inch props. 

The FPV camera is completely enclosed for protection and a secure mount, and allows for three different mount angles, 0, 20, 35 degrees.

All the sensitive electronics are mounted to a "clean" section on the frame, riding on 6 bobbins for vibration isolation.  This includes the Flight Controller, the FPV cam, the flight cam, the receiver, and vtx.  the esc's are mounted to the "dirty" section on the arms.  No jello in the video, and vibration free flight controller performance

The frame fits a Mobius action cam on its top clean plate, a GoPro can also be strapped down on this plate.  Tilt blocks for action cams to come.

The motor layout is spider-like, allowing incredible speeds flying forward, yet hovers on a dime with the help of a provided custom mix.  This also allows for full 120 degree FOV from the FPV and flight cameras, without prop interference.

The frame is held together using aluminum hardware, M3 all around, Motor mounts are M2 for those motor sizes.

Necessary Parts for frame build:

1x Bottom Dirty Plate

1x Top Dirty Plate

1x Bottom Clean Plate

1x Top Clean Plate

6x Arms 12-16mm mounting slots for 18xx and 13xx motors

1x Rx/FC Plate

1x FPV Camera Plate

12x M3 12mm Aluminum Button Head Screws (arms/dirty plates assembly)

12x M3 Nylocks (arms/dirty plates assembly)

16x M3 6/8mm Aluminum Button Head Screws (clean section assembly)

4x M3 20mm Standoffs (clean section assembly)

4x M3 15mm Standoffs (electronics stack)

6 small bobbins

4x small zipties


4x M3 5/10mm standoffs for PDB (PDB can be mounted directly to CF on bottom of stack IF insulation is used from CF, no standoffs needed)

Recommended electronics for this frame:

1806 2400kv motors spinning 4045 props (HQProps 4in bullnose) or 1306 3100kv motors (HQProps 4in BN / gemfan 4in)

20amp blheli/simonk esc's with damping & oneshot

3s 1000mah 45C lipo (some run 4s packs on these motor/prop combos) (850mah-1300mah recommended w/ high C rating)

vTx + FPV camera + CP antenna

32bit Flight Controller running latest Cleanflight

Receiver w/ telemetry

PowerDistributionBoard (30.5mmx30.5mm mounting for electronics stack)


~6 minutes FPV racing flight times on 1000mah 3s 45C pack

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