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Hive 250 - 6in FPV Quadcopter

$ 99.99

250 size FPV Racing Frame - lightweight yet durable design

Fully vibration isolated "clean" section for fpv camera and mobius/flight cam

FPV Camera & Flight Camera assembly tilts to 0degrees, 15degrees, 22.5degrees, 30degrees, and 35degrees

Super low profile battery mounting for center mounting in all axes.

Top battery cage is optional:  protecting the battery during flight & crashes & from broken props

Main frame sandwich is comprised of a 3mm bottom plate, 4mm arms, and a 2mm top plate = 9mm of CF!

5 and 6 inch propellers

16mm-19mm motor mounting slots

Additional hardware needed currently not available on Armattan Productions:

optional 4x : If top battery cage plate is preferred, 4 25mm m3 bolts (for holding battery plate on through 15mm standoffs and into standoffs above), if not, normal 6 or 7mm long m3 screws can hold the standoffs in from the bottom.

4x : m3 bobbins (screw in type) NOTE: standard rubber ball bobbins (9mm mounts) top dirty and bottom clean plates can be cut as well, if preferred. please email fbarnoux@gmail.com for request or message rcflo on rcgroups.com

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