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Gold/Orange/Purple Hive 150 - Custom Painted & Laser Etched

Gold/Orange/Purple Hive 150 - Custom Painted & Laser Etched

$ 99.99

This Hive 150 is painted with a gold/orange/purple color changing paint over a black base, finished with high gloss clearcoat, and laser etched with a Graffiti pattern.


In close collaboration with Mike "DoingTheDoings" Hornfeck, we are pleased to offer custom painted and laser etched Hive 150's.  Any color, any design, any combo.  Each frame is hand sanded smooth around the edges, primed, painted, lasered, and clear coated several times for a high gloss finish.  Each one unique and hand crafted.  Some preferred color/pattern combos will be kept in stock, but if you would like a custom request, do not hesitate to contact us.

Laser Etch designs available but not limited to:

Graffiti, Honeycomb, PCB, Lizard Scales, Maze, Contrast Lines, Hypnotize, Carbon Lines, Cracks

Color choices available but not limited to:

Red, Red Metallic, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Orange, White, Copper Metallic, Purple, Chrome, Color Changing (on demand), Color gradients (2 colors, on demand)


Highest quality automotive primer, paint, and clear coat are used in the process and will resist any chipping and delamination over time. Super secret lasers are also used.


Hive 150mm FPV quadcopter

1407, 1306 and 1104 motor mounting with 3 in props

HS1177 style CCD 600-700tvl FPV camera (26mm cased camera - direct fit with tilting / no hardware needed)

Prototype shown below cut out of Polycarbonate, reinforced with carbon strips.  Production frame is all Carbon fiber, 3mm frame, 2mm plates everywhere else.

Please note, in order to make this the most compact 3in FPV H frame to tilt a full size hs1177 camera, the front pod had to be made 26mm wide on the inside.  As a result, the 26mm wide caged hs1177 needs two small tabs (about half one mm thick) filed/sanded/cut down to fit and tilt correctly.  a small file or Xacto knife will take care of these two small tabs. 20 seconds to do, soft plastic. 

 Check out the RCGroups thread for more build logs and info : http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2540072

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