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Buzz 230 - 7in FPV Quadcopter - 4mm Non-Countersunk Edition

$ 64.99

This particular model is cut to order - please contact us for ordering


230mm size quadcopter frame - one piece/4mm thick

ESC's mounted on arm, with slots allowing rerouting to bottom or top for PDB/wiring.

Motor mount slots are 16-19mm - allowing 22xx sized motors with 5 and 6 inch props! Powerhouse


The top FPV pod allows an hs1177 type camera (SONY mini super had ii CCD) to be tilted up to a 50 degree angle without any obstruction.


This design provides the least amount of drag possible in a racing quadcopter of this size by incorporating the top stack and fpv pod.

The FPV pod allows 3 mounting options for your vtx antenna: Direct mounting as shown below, pigtail mounting, and straight antenna with protection mounting.

Countersunk version shown except in renderings

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