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Buzz 130 - 3in FPV Quadcopter - Top Pod

$ 39.99

Pure X Quad layout - top mounted FPV pod

1104 and 1306 motor mounting - 3 in props

The top FPV pod allows an hs1177 type camera (SONY mini super had ii CCD) to be tilted up to a 50 degree angle without any obstruction.


This design provides the least amount of drag possible in a racing quadcopter of this size by incorporating the top stack and fpv pod.

The FPV pod allows 3 mounting options for your vtx antenna: Direct mounting as shown below, pigtail mounting, and straight antenna with protection mounting.

 !!!!Also, please note that in order to keep the pod as small as possible, the gap for the camera is 26mm wide (HS1177 case width).  However, the hs1177 has two small 1mm tabs on each side next the mounting nubs.  These 1mm plastic tabs must be filed flush to the 26mm case in order to properly fit inside the 26mm gap of the pod cage.  20 seconds to do, soft plastic.  Use file or sharp X-acto knife for this.

 Check out the RCGroups thread for more build logs and info : http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2540072

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