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Spinners & Massagers

Do you ever find yourself picking up your phone countless times a day only to stare at it for a few seconds, and then put it back down?

Do you ever find yourself stressed, bored, restless, stuck in traffic on that long commute home, waiting in line at the grocery store, stuck on a subway, sitting on a couch, sitting at your desk, standing up, meditating, or just looking for a buzz?

Give this wonderful "thing" a spin and let your worries and stress fade away.  The vibrations and buzz of this weighted gyro in your hands will surely do the trick.

Spin with one hand, two hands, balance on a finger, stick a pen in it and turn it into a spinner top, try some tricks!


Sore neck? Shoulders? Pulled hamstring? Tennis elbow?  Give the FloBeez massaging device a roll and stretch it out.  Better than a lacrosse ball stretch and foam roller.  Adjust the screws or go screwless to adjust muscle penetration.  These single bearing spinners spin great as well, and have a particularly soothing buzz to them.  Small enough to throw one in your pocket, backpack, gym bag, hiking pack, car, work bag.  Its an everyday pocket accessory for a calming spin, or quick massage on the go.