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Purple Graffiti Hive 210 - Custom Painted & Laser Etched

$ 129.99

This Hive 210 is painted with a purple paint over a chrome base, finished with high gloss clearcoat, and laser etched with a graffiti pattern.

In close collaboration with Mike "DoingTheDoings" Hornfeck, we are pleased to offer custom painted and laser etched Hive 210's.  Any color, any design, any combo.  Each frame is hand sanded smooth around the edges, primed, painted, lasered, and clear coated several times for a high gloss finish.  Each one unique and hand crafted.  Some preferred color/pattern combos will be kept in stock, but if you would like a custom request, do not hesitate to contact us.

Laser Etch designs available but not limited to:

Graffiti, Honeycomb, PCB, Lizard Scales, Maze, Contrast Lines, Hypnotize, Carbon Lines, Cracks

Color choices available but not limited to:

Red, Red Metallic, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Orange, White, Copper Metallic, Purple, Chrome, Color Changing (on demand), Color gradients (2 colors, on demand)


Highest quality automotive primer, paint, and clear coat are used in the process and will resist any chipping and delamination over time. Super secret lasers are also used.


210 FPV frame designed to tilt an hs1177 up to 55 degrees.

5in prop clearance

22xx motor mounting slots

1piece 4mm Carbon Fiber frame

2mm Carbon Fiber top plates

Full frame weight with steel hardware and standoffs = 119g  /  aluminum hardware and standoffs = 106g

2 isolated top plates design to allow low profile battery mounting on the rear top plate for superior flight performance.  How low can you build it?

Front top plate 30mm high to fit HS1177 camera directly, or house other small fpv cameras with standard techniques.

Front plate has direct vTx mounting option for use with TS5823 vTx's.  vTx can also be mounted under back top plate with antenna routed forward into protective slot, into SMA hole via pigtail, or out the back via ziptie holes for protection.

!!!!Please note orientation of front side plates when installing as front standoffs force one direction of side plates to ensure proper hs1177 mounting locations.

!!!!Also, please note that in order to keep the hive 210 as close to perfect x as possible (44 degree arms, perfect x being 45 obviously), the front gap for the camera is 26mm wide (HS1177 case width).  However, the hs1177 has two small 1mm tabs on each side next the mounting nubs.  These 1mm plastic tabs must be filed flush to the 26mm case in order to properly fit inside the 26mm gap of the Hive 210 front cage.  20 seconds to do, soft plastic.  Use file or sharp X-acto knife for this.

 Check out the RCGroups thread for more build logs and info : http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2540072

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