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Bees Knees ESC Guards (4x)

$ 10.00

The number one ESC protector design out there.  Not only do these ESC protectors shield your precious components from prop strikes, but they actually unbend unbreakable props back to shape after a hard crash, after only a few rotations from the bent prop.

Incredibly simple to install, no unsoldering needed.  Simply slide already installed ESC's into the hinged TPU Bees Knees ESC Guards, position, and zip tie down through the hole.  Zipties no longer hit your esc components, your esc's are completely protected from danger.

Another added bonus: no need for shrink wrap, as TPU does not conduct.

Another added bonus: ESC's can be worked on both sides without needing disassembly or removal of heat shrink (soldered motor wires and power leads are exposed at the sides for super easy maintenance or ESC swap in the field)

Two versions of each option are available, a 28mm wide version to seamlessly fit the Hive210 arms, and a 20mm wide version for those with skinny arm builds.

Current available sizes: Little Bees 20a, Little Bees 30a, Rotorgeeks 20a, RMRC 30a, UBAD 30a, XM20a

Current available colors: Black, Green (more to come)


For any other ESC dimensions, please email for a design change request.  We can modify the design to fit practically any esc up to 30a sizes.


Set of 4 guards

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